Do Bed Bugs Smell?

If an infestation of bed bugs is present, the most apparent signs would be visual – seeing bed bugs on your bed sheet or another surface however, there might be another indication which isn’t considered: the bed bug smell. As a matter of fact, a lot of bugs release odors known as alarm pheromones and one of them are bed bugs. If a huge number of bed bugs is disturbed, they might release these alarm pheromones such as if someone plops themselves on the bed which they have already made their home. In addition to that, bed bug smells can come from fecal matter as well.

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What Do Bed Bugs Odor Like?

Bed bugs can actually smell different to various people. A lot of people report smelling coriander however, another usual description is the smell of rotten raspberries. Others say a strong acidic smell or that of a marzipan or almonds. If you see an unusual scent in a clean room, it might be time to contact a professional and certified pest control service provider. If you do not smell something, do not be worried, as not everybody can detect a bed bug infestation through smell.

Can My Pet Dog Detect Bed Bug Scent?

It takes specialized training on dogs in order to detect the scent of bed bugs. However, when these dogs have done training, they are certainly better than the professionals at detecting the scent of bed bugs. Furthermore, detection of bed bug scents must often be handled by a well-trained and experienced professional.

Other Indications of Bed Bugs

  • Shed skins from molting
  • Bloodstains
  • Black or brown stains on fabrics or beddings

At first, a lot of people become aware of the presence of bed bugs once they already suffered bites however, this is not often a reliable indication. Several other pests, medications, allergic reactions, allergies and any other irritants can definitely cause reactions which look quite the same to bites of bed bugs.

Spring Cleaning Keeps a Home Free of Pests

As the weather turns warmer, people everywhere start their spring-cleaning project. Easy tasks like bringing the patio furniture outdoors can also help you chase the blues away in the winter. While most of these times focus mainly on aesthetics, there are methods property owners can do to prevent damage and invasions. Now is the best time to inspect your house and repair small problems such as filling crevices as well as cracks. And it’s also best to hire a professional Pest control service Concord if you notice any sign of pest infestation.

Even the slightest crack can result in issues over time. If not repaired immediately, these cracks and crevices can develop even bigger with time and give the best entryway for pests like ants. Along with warmth, spring also notices the looks of the stinging insects such as hornets, wasps and yellowjacket.

Common Stinging Insects

  • Bald Faced Hornets
  • Yellowjackets
  • Honey bees

Preventive Measures

  • Fill up the cracks and little openings along the home foundation
  • Get rid of any sources of standing water or moisture
  • Keep the branches of your trees or shrubs but back from your home

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