Common Roofing Issues During Spring Season

It is common for homeowners to fix and clean their houses as spring offers warmer weather. It is an excellent idea to start at the roof since it protects the rest of the house. You’ve got to ensure that your roof is in excellent shape.  

For those who don’t know, professional roofers Billings MT recommend inspecting the roof at least once a year. The ideal time to do this is during the spring season. Yearly inspections will help you prevent expensive roof repair. 

Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common roofing issues during the spring season. 

Presence of Pests 

A red flag of structural damage to the chimney or roof is the presence of raccoons, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. At first, the damage might not be obvious. However, as these tiny pests start to build nests inside the attic and eaves, you will regret not inspecting your roof early on. The ideal way to prevent unwanted pests is to have the roof evaluated thoroughly by a professional roofing company.  

Of course, you can do the inspection on your own. However, if you don’t have the safety tools needed to perform the task, it’s best to leave it to the experts.  

Clogged Gutters 

Examine your gutters for too much buildup of debris. Debris such as twigs, rotting leaves, and much more can cause the gutters to clog. This enables rainwater to accumulate and wash under the roof’s edge. This can lead to a lot of damage. This is particularly true during the rainy season. It is crucial that you clean your gutters to guarantee the roof operates as it is intended to. If you don’t know how to clean gutters, ask a professional to do it for you.  

Loose Shingles 

Another popular issue that tends to appear during the spring season is the appearance of missing or lose shingles. This might be the result of an old roof, loose roofing nails, or a damaged roofing membrane. It does not matter what the reason is. It is vital to have your shingles replaced or secured right away. If you simply ignore this issue, you will have a much bigger and more expensive issue down the line.  

Examine for Signs of Leaks 

Strong winds and cold winter months can cause a lot of damage to your roofing material. Because of this, a lot of homeowners suffer roof leaks during the spring season. Active leaks could cause a lot of damage to your property. Thus, it is crucial to monitor and keep track of obvious red flags of leaks before they turn into major issues. Examine the walls and the ceilings for any indications of water damage. Also, you can always contact a professional roofing company to perform a comprehensive inspection as soon as the cold weather is gone.  

If you discover a leak, you’ve got to ensure you have it fixed right away before it can cause further damage to your property. Aside from being unappealing, water damage can cause structural issues as well. 

How to Secure Your Windshield from Rain?

Through proper windshield maintenance, not only you can guarantee your own safety, but also the safety of your passengers. Here are some of the tips that can help your auto windshield be protected when the rain is pouring:

Inspect the weatherstripping

Your vehicle window and door’s weatherstripping is made of rubber, which is created to seal the openings for you to protect from pollutants and rain. However, the weatherstrip degrades gradually with time, which eventually leads water to be penetrated and enter the vehicle. When you can’t notice the rain sound pretty well even if your find the interior of your vehicle to be damp or your windows are shut after driving in a heavy downpour, it can imply that other weatherstrips actually require to be replaced. 

Technique is crucial

Sure, it’s a wise move to apply a rainproofing product on the glass. However, do not neglect to be mindful of the manner you apply it. Before applying the rainproofing pdroduct, clean the glass with a window cleaner that has ammonia and then rinse off all the ammonia thoroughly before you dry the glass using a clean microfiber towel. After that, this is the time when you should apply the waterproofing film as instructed by the manufacturer. This will definitely ensure performance. Now, all you should do is to check the product regularly for any signs of wear and tear.

Check for any cracks properly

The windshield of your car keeps on bearing the assaults of pollutants like rocks, hail, and debris. There could be instances when the effect is deteriorating enough to result in tiny cracks. If such minimal cracks are left unrepaired, it can surely change into larger ones—sufficiently large to enable water and dirt to house in. When this occurs, the sole substitute for this would be auto glass replacement. Hence, it is better to repair and check your windshield cracks regularly.

Keep up the right levels of washer fluids

The washer fluid of your windshield is a combination of detergent, water, solvents, and alcohol. It’s formulated to wash away dirt and dissolve grime that’s accumulated on your auto glass. During the monsoon, if insects can be seen a lot, the washer fluid keeps them from being accumulated in your auto glass. However, for you to maintain your windshield glass, see to it that you check the levels of your washer fluids regularly. In the event, your vehicle runs short of it, contact a mechanic, and have it sufficiently refilled.

Have high-quality wiper blades. 

Select blades that give equal pressure. If not, they won’t be able to create a clean sweep and will only lead to nasty streaks. This will harm the auto glass and diminishing its lifespan. Apart from that, never delay the replacement for a long time. In fact, such blades should be changed regularly, nearly 3-4 times every year. The ideal time to inspect and get your wipers changed prior to the rainy season. In the end, there’s no single rain-proofing product that can do the trick. To reach the best auto glass service provider in town, call us. 

Why Hire a Tree Removal Service?

We all know trees can add beauty in our house, making our space more attractive and comfortable, but how safe your tree is near your house or in your vacant space? Is it near your car? Or how about near your house? How old is the tree? Is it still safe when the kids play under it? Well, it is a big decision to make but you should also evaluate if your trees are still safe to keep in your backyard or in your space or It might cause a big problem when the weather is bad. 

Most of the time, trees add aesthetic and give shade in our house, the decision of removing it is quite really a hard decision, but you have to make decision not just for your but also for your family and neighborhood’s welfare. Tree removal should be done by experts and professionals. Do it yourself Is not recommended as it could cause your more trouble and unexpected incident. Felling a tree is not easy as one, two and three, as it requires physics, advance cutting techniques, and you will be using a dangerous tool. It is very hazardous and dangerous, and recommended to have one with the professionals. Lake Country tree services is in the industry for quite a long time and guaranteed professional in tree removing, falling trees and tree maintenance like trimming. Highly skilled and experienced professional are doing their best to help you whatever tree concern you have! As mentioned, doing it yourself is not recommended in tree cutting and felling as it may result to a more serious incident, some homeowners attempted to just do it, but a lot of them had incident with falling of the trees.  

Here are some common tree removal and falling risks you could encounter: 

  1. Power lines – if your trees are outside the lawn, expected that there are a lot of wires in it, powerlines and other services, working with these lines are very risky as you don’t know the voltage of the line and it might get you electrocuted. This is the riskiest one could encounter in removing a tree. 
  1.  No proper equipment  In removing a tree it requires chain saws, cranes, woodchippers and ropes to successfully fell off the tree. OSHA also requires tree professionals and experts to wear prospective gear from head to toe, from hard hats to safety shoes when doing an operate in removing or maintaining a tree. 
  1. Old tree – Old tree means it is already decaying woods inside, which making it harder and more dangerous, doing it in your own can result in accident because you don’t know that the tree is already decaying inside and you haven’t just notice it. Knowing the estimated age of the tree is very important, you need to contact professionals to do it before it will collapse unexpectedly. 
  1. You cannot control the tree – once you start cutting or felling the tree, you cannot control where it will go, that is why experts uses rope to somehow help give direction to the tree. You need to be alert in this because it might damage property, wires / lines if not properly done. 


Contacting experts is the best thing to do with removing your tree. Contact your nearest contractor now for your safety and peace of mind!