Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional and Experienced Pest Control Service Provider

As the weather condition changes, rodents and pests seek out a warm and cozy place to hide themselves. This means that they usually end up in your house, becoming an annoyance for those people who are living there. These small creatures invade in things such as wood, food products and papers. Property owners will often resort to using insecticides and pesticides in order to eliminate these pests and insects however, this can be very dangerous and challenging at the same time, to perform by yourself. Instead, call a professional and experienced pest control service provider to handle unwanted visitors.

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As a matter of fact, a professional and experienced pest control service provider such as Pest control service Cary, NC has received trainings and orientations to handle certain situations and chemicals responsibly as well as employment practices which keep you and your loved ones living in your house safe. Most professional pest control service providers offer affordable, yet quality services which you can hire with a certain contract. The following are some of the reasons why you need to hire a professional and experienced pest control service provider:

1. Keep Your Loved Ones Safe and Healthy

Infestations of pests come with diseases such as allergic reactions, asthma and food poisoning. The longer the pests stay in your house, the more hazardous these conditions become. In addition to that, a professional pest control service provider will not only get rid of the pests and insects in your house but will also give you some tips and advices on how to eliminate or somehow reduce them in the future. These steps include keeping the area and the surroundings free of mess, removing any standing water to prevent flies and mosquitoes from and appropriate food storage strategies.

2. Pest Identification

Homeowners may occasionally have trouble identifying the right treatment for the pests in your house. For instance, there are a lot of ant types and every one of them needs a various procedure of treatment. Furthermore, property owners might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a trial and error method in order to get rid of the pests however, the professional pest control service provider will be able to identify and treat the problem quickly.

3. Get Rid of Chemical Hazards

Handling chemicals often comes with risks. While most readily available do-it-yourself pest treatments have been permitted for home use, you must often use with extreme caution when handling unfamiliar chemicals. A trained and well-practiced professional pest control contractor understands when to use the right chemicals so that you will not harm your pets and the people living in your home.

4. Save Time

A professional and experienced pest control service provider can give you more effective and quick outcomes than if you do the repair of infestation alone. Because of the chemicals as well as their experience which may not be available to customers, they can implement the extermination plans quickly and effectively get rid of all the pests in a significantly short amount of time.

Common Types of Ants

As the weather condition turns warm, a lot of property owners find themselves with unwanted visitors in the form of small ants. While it might be tempting for property owners to buy their own bait in order to control the ants, controlling the infestation of ants is never that easy as you think it is. Each kind of ants has particular habits and behaviors which make them really tough to treat. The following are some of the most common types of ants:

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1. Acrobat Ants

These acrobat ants got their name from their unusual body language of acrobatically elevating their trunk above their heads especially when they’re disturbed. From above, their trunk is shaped as a heart. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of various kinds of acrobat ants all over the world, and a lot of them release an unpleasant smell when startled.

Typically, acrobat ants live outdoors in nest which comes from a rotting wood, but might find themselves in your house via foundation pipes or gaps surrounding the pipes. For colonies or groups living in trees, the branches close to your house can actually give the most accessible point of entry. When inside your house, acrobat ants will look for food sources as well as moisture. Property owners may also notice that these acrobat ants are in mating swarms or from these sources.

2. Carpenter Ants

They are indigenous to several forested places all over the world. Aside from that, they also build their nests inside the wood that they chew with their durable and powerful mandibles. Unlike termites, these carpenter ants do not eat wood they chew. Once the carpenter ants find a wooden structure, they may cause major problems. Houses with water leaks are one of the main candidates for the invasion of carpenter ants. Tree branches and unsealed gaps around the pipes close to houses give maximum point of entries for ants. In addition to that, when there is a sign of carpenter ants exist, property owners might see rough wood shavings, swarming ants or rustling noises inside the walls of your home.

3. Argentine Ants

They are basically one of the most difficult and invasive species for property owners to deal with. These argentine ants have a lot of queens per group and there are more or less three hundred queens for every one thousand ant workers. In regular colonies, the target would be to get rid of the queen however, with the Argentine ants. This isn’t an effective method.

Argentine ants are definitely visually attracted to waste and decay, as well as spread hazardous bacteria wherever they step onto something. This type of ants can kill other pests or insects and invade human houses. Some colonies of Argentine ants can also span the whole city blocks. This is why a control of an Argentine ant colony is a continuous process and not a one-time solution.

Ant Control

If your house has unwanted visitors, do not hesitate to contact a professional and experience pest control company like Pest control service Rockhill to determine what species of ants are invading your home and make a plan of treatment perfect for you.

Do Bed Bugs Smell?

If an infestation of bed bugs is present, the most apparent signs would be visual – seeing bed bugs on your bed sheet or another surface however, there might be another indication which isn’t considered: the bed bug smell. As a matter of fact, a lot of bugs release odors known as alarm pheromones and one of them are bed bugs. If a huge number of bed bugs is disturbed, they might release these alarm pheromones such as if someone plops themselves on the bed which they have already made their home. In addition to that, bed bug smells can come from fecal matter as well.

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What Do Bed Bugs Odor Like?

Bed bugs can actually smell different to various people. A lot of people report smelling coriander however, another usual description is the smell of rotten raspberries. Others say a strong acidic smell or that of a marzipan or almonds. If you see an unusual scent in a clean room, it might be time to contact a professional and certified pest control service provider. If you do not smell something, do not be worried, as not everybody can detect a bed bug infestation through smell.

Can My Pet Dog Detect Bed Bug Scent?

It takes specialized training on dogs in order to detect the scent of bed bugs. However, when these dogs have done training, they are certainly better than the professionals at detecting the scent of bed bugs. Furthermore, detection of bed bug scents must often be handled by a well-trained and experienced professional.

Other Indications of Bed Bugs

  • Shed skins from molting
  • Bloodstains
  • Black or brown stains on fabrics or beddings

At first, a lot of people become aware of the presence of bed bugs once they already suffered bites however, this is not often a reliable indication. Several other pests, medications, allergic reactions, allergies and any other irritants can definitely cause reactions which look quite the same to bites of bed bugs.

Spring Cleaning Keeps a Home Free of Pests

As the weather turns warmer, people everywhere start their spring-cleaning project. Easy tasks like bringing the patio furniture outdoors can also help you chase the blues away in the winter. While most of these times focus mainly on aesthetics, there are methods property owners can do to prevent damage and invasions. Now is the best time to inspect your house and repair small problems such as filling crevices as well as cracks. And it’s also best to hire a professional Pest control service Concord if you notice any sign of pest infestation.

Even the slightest crack can result in issues over time. If not repaired immediately, these cracks and crevices can develop even bigger with time and give the best entryway for pests like ants. Along with warmth, spring also notices the looks of the stinging insects such as hornets, wasps and yellowjacket.

Common Stinging Insects

  • Bald Faced Hornets
  • Yellowjackets
  • Honey bees

Preventive Measures

  • Fill up the cracks and little openings along the home foundation
  • Get rid of any sources of standing water or moisture
  • Keep the branches of your trees or shrubs but back from your home