Why Hire an Arborist for Your Tree Removal? 

If you’re planning to get tree removal, it would be best to have the opinion of a certified arborist. This is especially more important once your tree is already old. Deciding whether eliminate an old tree is not an easy task. Plus, it can be hard to detect when this time has come. This decision must be based on many factors like its location and health. So, it’s only reasonable and important to get advice from local certified tree experts.  

If you have old trees, that does not mean that all of them must be removed. Once you properly maintained them, many can still stand in place for several years to come. A local professional arborist has the skills and expertise to professionally diagnose your tree whether it has issues. If that’s the case, they’ll recommend you to use Spokane WA tree removal service.  

Reasons Why Arborists May Suggest a Tree Removal Service 

In assessing trees for removal, an expert tree service is led by a risk evaluation protocol. This protocol involves a lot of major considerations about the possibility of risk, such as the following: 

Does the tree have a pest infestation, disease, large dead branches, or other issues? 

  • Is it at risk of falling or dropping large limbs? 
  • Are the roots causing your property structural damage? 
  • Could removing the tree benefit the ecosystem of your neighborhood? 
  • Does the tree placement make the property hard to use? 

If the answer to any of such questions is yes, then you can expect the certified arborist may suggest removing the tree.  

Caring and keeping for old trees 

At times, trees can be special to us, having sentimental value.  That alone may reverse a decision based on risk in the future.  

For instance, a property owner might be hesitant to remove a tree that was planted to remember the birth of their grandchild or one that serves a part in cherished family memories. In these instances, your arborist can guide you to discover alternatives you can do aside from removal.  

Ongoing services like disease control, insect management, branch trimming, and proper fertilization can usually help property owners delay taking down their aged trees.  

Tips to decide on tree removal 

If you’re worried about the aged trees found on your property, a local professional tree specialist can examine their condition and provide you a professional opinion about whether they should be removed or not. When arborists find out that they can be saved, they will provide you the right tips and services to help them keep strong and healthy.  

Lastly, the decision to take down or keep your old tree depends on you. Aside from weighting your comfort level regarding the possible risk in the future, you also have to think about the expenses of removal compared to the cost of regular services.  

If you want to hire a certified tree expert to assess your old trees, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with them for free.  



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